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With unique expertise and our outstanding proprietary technology, enable organizations to pro-actively manage risk, value, cost and environmental impact of their semi- and unstructured data.

Why We Care About Data

We believe that data generated by the people working for an organization needs to be managed.

Information is one of the key assets of an organization, but it is not only an asset – it is also a liability. Typically, 80% of data kept by an organisation is semi- and unstructured – information, which people work on and share with others.

Of course, it needs to be managed, like any other asset or liability.

We know this isn’t the case in the majority of organizations around the world yet.

Repositories for semi- and unstructured data grow organically and rapidly as digitalization continues. Great efficiencies are achieved as people within an organization employ additional types of technologies for sharing and storing their information.

However, working with enterprises around the world, we know for a fact that very few organizations have any real control over their data. Individuals, and possibly some projects and teams, might have taken control of their data, but there is no organization-wide ability to manage data.

As a consequence, enterprises are exposed to unnecessary risks and waste money – not to forget, they don’t benefit from the full value of this important asset.

The only thing we do, is help organizations around the world to manage their semi- and unstructured data.

Our singular focus is to understand the many challenges our customers are faced with when it comes to semi- and unstructured data, and to provide our standardized software and unique expertise to enterprises around the world to ensure their data is managed. We don’t do anything but this.

Our solution to customer needs spans across the various data repositories of the customer: When the need is to manage a specific category of data, then the Northern Software Solution (NSS) will cater for the fact that this data category will be found on file shares, in collaboration platforms as well as in mail, and these data repositories will be both on and off premise.

When an enterprise realizes their data needs to be managed, we have the software solution and the expertise necessary.

We aren’t satisfied until we’ve seen a customer achieve the reduction in risks and costs and found the valuable data.

Yes, as most organizations have left their data unmanaged for the last 30 years or so, just finding it – let alone categorizing it, is quite an undertaking and achievement.

However, the real benefits of data management aren’t realized until data is actively managed over time, whereby risks and costs are continuously assessed as well as reduced, and data that matters to the enterprise is identified and made available to the relevant stakeholders.

We won’t tell you it will be easy, but we promise we’ll work hard to help you take control over the assets and liabilities, which is your data.

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