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Pro-active management of semi- and unstructured data delivers value in several ways. Besides the targeted outcome of a prioritized use case, there will be positive outcomes in other areas too.

Our customers will with respect to file data – independently if stored in the cloud or on-prem – improve:

Cyber and Information Security
• Minimize attack surfaces
• Strengthen incident response
• Regulatory compliance, both generally applicable regulations (GDPR, NIS…) as well as industry specific
• Compliance with internal policies, e.g. relating to retention periods for specific categories of records
Data Privacy and Digital Trust
• Regulatory compliance with respect to Data Privacy
• Fulfillment of customer and employee expectations in handling information, which is shared
Sustainability and CSR
• Green transformation of IT
• Supporting new CSR reporting standards
Investment and Cost Avoidance
• Infra-structure investment and maintenance
• Cloud services costs
• Costs relating to migration on-prem to on-prem or to cloud
• Efficiency in file service operations, GRC workflows etc.
Adaptability to changing business needs
• Provision of file services which adapt to needs
End-user Experience
• Self-service actionable insight into data

Data, and the access to it, needs to be managed – like any other asset or liability!

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