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Need to protect infrastructure investments?

icon_ITmgmtPeriodic infrastructure renewal, coupled with the necessary migration and transformation projects, form a key part of the provision and continuous development of the file service. Having invested in infrastructure, and performed the work necessary to put that infrastructure into operation, it is vital that steps are taken to guide its use.

Northern’s Solution

Northern is able to deliver a range of capabilities to align actual storage use with intended use. As a senior member of the IT organization, it is important for you to have access to analyses of how the storage infrastructure is being used, in order to determine which of these control/guide options should be employed and how they should be best configured.

Through Northern’s Centralized File Service Management solution area you are able to guide the implementation and tuning of policies and workflows that target the specific challenges that exist or emerge within your organization – ensure that returns on infrastructure investments are maximized.


The ability to understand how the file service is being used enables senior members of the IT department to make informed and specific decisions that ensure returns on infrastructure investments are maximised.

Inefficient file service use is prevalent. Continuous investment in infrastructure without securing an understanding of how those investments are being used is not a long-term strategy.
Identification and remediation of inefficient storage use extends the life-time of infrastructure and offers opportunities for investment avoidance.
The ability to concretely show how previous investments are being utilized provides vital input into new budget discussions.
Exposing areas of inefficiency, and being able to quantify the effect that this sub-optimal use has, can enable the IT department to secure a wider mandate to implement policies that govern how the file service is used.
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