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BusNeeds_DistCostFor organizations employing a service-oriented IT infrastructure, a reliable and integrated method of calculating and billing for file storage use is a critical capability.

For service providers, the ability to deliver accurate and transparent calculations of file storage use is clearly fundamental to the business model.

The ability to calculate levels of file service use by group, department or customer in an automated and integrated manner forms the foundation of a billing system. The provision of self-service access to information that both explains the source of the costs and highlights areas of inefficient usage creates transparency between the provider and the customer. These two capabilities together enable the organization to effectively bill for service delivery and maintain an open and collaborative relationship with service users.

Find out how you can distribute costs for file-service use with Northern’s software solution – the File Service Cost Distribution solution area.

Finance: Internal billing for file service use forms a powerful incentive for more efficient use of that service. A more tightly governed data footprint reduces exposure to catastrophic financial risk.Read More
IT Management: Exposing the true cost of service use, without actually billing, provides a useful incentive to drive efficient file service use without requiring significant investment in change management.
Storage Management: Automated and integrated calculations of file service use establishes a fair, transparent, and cost efficient method of billing for that use.
Business User: Providng access to information about how the customer is using the file service, alongside their invoice, facilitates action and creates the foundation for a collaborative relationship. Read More
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