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Wanting to understand and cut costs of file service use?

icon_userIn an organization that utilizes internal billing for file service use, or in a situation where your department is subscribed to a public or private cloud service, being able to match invoices with insight into service use offers a powerful means to both understand and control on-going costs.

More and more organizations are re-positioning data storage as a billed internal service. This re-enforces the need for business users to have insight into how their team, department or business unit is creating and retaining files.

Northern’s Solution

Northern’s Self-Service Data Management solution area offers business users the ability to review exactly how their group, department or business unit is utilizing the file service. Through a self-service portal users are able to access relevant historical information, usage summaries, trends and filtered file lists. They are also able to perform actions or queue actions for approval in an integrated workflow.


The insight provided enables business users to corroborate invoices. It also provides a focused opportunity to identify and act upon areas of inefficiency.

Encourage and empower team members to take control over data volumes and reduce future invoices, freeing up budget for alternative investments.
Confirm the service level required to meet departmental needs. Identify data or use cases that could be moved to less expensive service levels.
Ensure that internal billing systems are accurately and fairly calculating departmental costs for file service use.
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