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BusNeeds_ComplianceThe accelerating threat of cyber-attack and a rapidly tightening regulatory environment are turning data protection and compliance strategies into business critical decisions.

Unstructured data, as the most chaotic and fluid information repository within the organization, is simultaneously the most important and the most difficult to manage for data protection and compliance teams.

The ability to first analyze the entire unstructured data footprint is an absolute requirement and can present significant technical challenges. Being able to categorize this data as record/non-record, IP/public, employee/client/subcontractor PII, inside/outside of retention period, etc. enables the organization to take the next steps. Integrating appropriate maintenance and management of these data categories into the working practices of the user population completes the process of establishing a protected and compliant file service.

Establishing robust data compliance and protection practices across the entire unstructured data footprint is a legal requirement.

Find out how you can improve compliance and data protection with Northern’s software solution – the Information Governance and Compliance solution area.

Data Protection: A clear understanding of the current content of unstructured data repositories forms a solid foundation in preparing for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation. Read More
Data Compliance: Periodic auditing of the state of compliance is not sufficient. Organizations must strive to achieve continuous compliance; risks continuously monitored and stakeholders continuously informed. Read More
ILM: Technology supported workflows allow for records management systems that are successfully applied to structured data to be equally well applied to unstructured data.
IT Management: Implementation and continuous monitoring of suitable workflows ensure that audit demands can be efficiently fulfilled, without the need for un-anticipated, resource-intensive and costly external services.
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