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New in NSS 9.93 SR1

HIGHLIGHTS Polish and Performance NSS 9.93 was released in February this year. Since then, the development team has been focused on adding further polish to this new major version; fixing issues identified by early adopters and, in some areas, extending the capabilities of the new features introduced. RELEASE TYPE Generally Available – At the time …

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Failed to call fpolicy-policy-modify [Error 13115]

In the Application Event Log or in the NSS Trace Files, the NSS Quota Server service can post the following error message with Event ID 6602. Message examples Failed to call fpolicy-policy-modify. Policy name:<NSSServerName><SVMName>.Error: 13115, Reason: Cannot modify policy on Vserver “<SVMName>”. Reason: This policy is enabled, disable the policy using the “fpolicy disable” command …

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New in NSS 9.92 SR9

HIGHLIGHTS Performance and stability NSS 9.92 SR9 is a classic service release in that the primary focus is to make small improvements in existing capabilities: ensure data is displayed as expected (even in unexpected circumstances), expand string manipulation possibilities to highlight specific information, prevent accidental use of ACL locking on sensitive servers – NSS 9.92 …

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