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Administrators Have Limited Access

Identify and Re-Permission Folders Where Administrators Have Limited Access


Administrative groups such as Technology Services, Information Security, Records Management, and Internal Audit require continuous access to files, folders, libraries, etc. If these groups are incorrectly locked out of parts of the file system, then they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities. This exposes the organization to unnecessary risks and costs.

Northern's software solution (NSS) can be quickly configured to identify folders that administrative groups cannot access, and guide the re-permissioning of these objects. Very large data footprints can be parsed, across geographical regions, and including multiple platforms (traditional on-premise file storage, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, O365, other cloud platforms, etc.).

By identifying and re-permissioning folders where administrative groups do not have the expected level of access, the organization will:

  • Enable administrative groups to migrate, manage, protect, audit, etc. all data as expected
  • Simplify data migration processes; they will not be suddenly derailed by an inability to move files
  • Improve compliance as audit processes are confirmed to encompass all data
  • Map sensitive data throughout the organization and protect it accordingly
  • Be able to identify users who are changing permissions configurations, and investigate
  • Reveal and act on unwanted activities, previously hidden behind permissions configurations
  • Be able to plan administrative tasks knowing that permissions issues will not disrupt activities

Northern is currently providing some of the world's leading organizations with this type of solution, and enabling them to realize these values.

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