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Arrange a Proof-of-Value Project


Arrange a Proof-of-Value Project

Assisted Proof of Concept/Proof of Value services are available for organizations wishing to investigate how Northern’s solution would match their needs, in their environment.

Northern follows a structured process; efforts are focused on the areas that are important to the customer and detailed results are quickly achieved. The typical steps in such a process are as follows:

  1. Jointly establish a shared understanding of the organization’s needs with Northern’s Account and Field Engineering teams. This work is normally carried out during onsite and/or web-based meetings.
  2. Northern prepares a document that describes the needs of the organization, the capabilities of the software that are expected to fulfill these needs, and step-by-step processes to prove the capabilities in the customer environment.
  3. The necessary infrastructure is prepared by the customer and time set aside to perform the documented tests.
  4. Northern’s staff install and configure the NSS software.
  5. Tests are jointly performed and results are documented.

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