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PowerShell Toolkit

Main Functions

The Functions available in the PowerShell Toolkit are constantly expanded, in line with development of the solution as a whole. For a complete list and details in each Function’s usage, please refer to the help embedded in the Toolkit package. In the tables below, Functions are grouped by scope of usage with a short description …

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Command Line Usage Examples

Note that, by design, all Toolkit functions invoked to commit changes work in safe mode. Changes are committed only if -WhatIf:$false is added to the command line. Creating a quota with predefined values from a template. In this example we create a quota from an existing template called ‘1GB Soft Private Folder’. The Template is …

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Guidelines for Scripting

Developing scripts using the Northern PowerShell Toolkit is easy thanks to the underlying Scripting Framework. Some specific guidelines are recommended and should be followed in the correct chronological order. Set parameters in the script INI file Making the script INI file the central management point for variable definitions simplifies your script(s). Rather than creating a …

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General Concepts

Similar to other command-line tools, the PowerShell Toolkit provides a layer of abstraction between the operator and the underlying API, hiding complexity and allowing simple tasks to be performed efficiently. It also enables PowerShell scripts to interact directly with the software. Two Operational Modes The Command Line Interface (CLI) mode is used to run direct commands. …

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Installing The Powershell Toolkit

The Northern PowerShell Toolkit enables operators to perform administrative tasks via PowerShell sessions, or through PowerShell scripts. Refer to The PowerShell Toolkit for more information. The PowerShell Toolkit should be installed on the NSS Console Server. This is the web server that is hosting the self-service web interface of the software and running the NSSX …

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