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Migration Support

Migration Support

Large data migrations require meticulous preparation. User shares to OneDrive, group shares to Teams Sites, application data from one NAS platform to another – even taken in stages, migrations can encompass hundreds of terabytes, millions of folders, and hundreds of millions of files.

Early insight into the content of the file systems to be migrated, and the permissions configurations, can trim weeks off of migration time-lines and remediate significant risks. Affected parties can be informed well in advance, shares can be sanitized of unsupported and troublesome system files (and redundant data), permissions can be aligned to ensure access for migration processes…

File Service Insight

2022 saw record numbers of organizations starting to take control of their unstructured data – not just build walls around it, but take steps to actually understand and curate it. IDC now puts global file data growth rates at 61% per year. Organizations are acknowledging that their own file data accumulation is unsustainable. For many, …

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Inappropriate Groups Have Elevated Privileges

Identify and Secure Folders where Inappropriate Groups Have Elevated Privileges Organizations are realizing that guarding their network perimeter, with Firewalls and VPNs, does not provide adequate security in today’s threat environment. Credential theft, accidental data exposure, insider threats; the need for identity and device authentication within the network must be coupled with the Principle of …

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Webinar on Demand: Taking Action on Non-Compliant Files

Webinar on Demand: Taking Action on Non-Compliant Files
In this Webinar on Demand, Lee Taylor (VP of Field Engineering) explains how the capabilities of Northern’s software are used to identify and safely remove non-compliant files from crowded and chaotic file systems.

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