Give Managers Insight

Give Managers Insight into Their Teams’ File Service Use


The IT department is responsible for providing and continuously developing the file service. The organization’s employees are responsible for how they use it. In most organizations, knowledge of what is stored is compartmentalized and short-lived, with managers having only a limited understanding of what data their teams are storing, and where. Without oversight, file service use becomes chaotic and exposes the organization to unnecessary costs and risks.

Northern’s software solution (NSS) can be quickly configured to summarize individual teams’, departments’, projects’, etc. file service usage, and present this information (including Key Risk and Key Performance Indicators) to individuals who are responsible for this data. Very large data footprints can be parsed, across geographical regions, and including multiple platforms (traditional on-premise file storage, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, O365, other cloud platforms, Exchange Online, etc.).

By giving managers insight into their teams’ file service use, the organization will:

  • Fuel the process of making senior individuals aware of their data governance responsibilities
  • Enable those individuals to guide their team(s) use of the file service, and ensure that it is used appropriately
  • Drive change in the organization’s culture; make data governance a component of everyday activities
  • Simplify workflows for the IT department, with an automated and self-service process to provide insight
  • Reduce costs by triggering data clean-up activities and controlling growth
  • Reduce risks as data stored contrary to regulations is exposed and mitigated
  • Reduce risks as data is better organized and sensitive data more clearly identifiable

Northern is currently providing some of the world’s leading organizations with this type of solution, and enabling them to realize these values.