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Manage Sensitive Data Types

Interrupt and Track Ransomware Attacks



Northern offers a valuable layer in your Ransomware protection strategy. Through the capabilities of Northern’s Software Solution (NSS), customers are able to interrupt attacks by blocking the creation of files with associated file types, get alerts when attempts to save these types are blocked, and view information about past attempted attacks in a dashboard.

This solution offers a potent layer of protection in the fight against Ransomware attacks. When coupled together with additional approaches and tools, your company can establish a robust and resistant defence against this type of criminality.

Illegally Stored Copyright-Protected Data

Identify and Delete Illegally Stored Copyright-Protected Data Organizations are legally responsible for the data stored in their file and mail services. Without oversight and guidance users can, and do, illegally store copyright-protected data. Most often this behavior is restricted to personal drives but Northern has even seen examples of shared ‘Team Libraries’ of music, movies, …

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