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NSS 9.91

New in NSS 9.91 SR11

HIGHLIGHTS Resolved Memory Problem – Meta-data Analysis with Word Lists NSS 9.91 SR11 provides a fix for a recently identified memory leak. The leak occurred only if the software was configured to compare file meta-data to a Word List, e.g. using a word list containing terms that you might find in the name of CV …

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New in NSS 9.91 SR10

HIGHLIGHTS Microsoft Information Protection Labels Many of Northern’s customers include MIP (or MSIP) in their information protection strategies – looking to the solution to help strengthen the perimeter and avoid exfiltration of confidential information. NSS is now able to include these labels in its meta-data, content, and permissions analyses. Use cases realizing important synergies include: …

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New in NSS 9.91 SR9

HIGHLIGHTS Credentials Vault and Workflow Actions Improvements have been made in how alternate accounts can be used in the execution of Workflow actions. For some time it has been possible to use NSS’ service account to execute some actions and more recently it has been possible to use an alternative account configured in the Credentials …

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New in NSS 9.91 SR8

HIGHLIGHTS Splitting Strings A number of small shortcomings in the string splitting capability of NSS have been resolved in this new Service Release. This feature allows long strings to be manipulated as part of an analysis – splitting out individual accounts from a folder’s composite Access Control List so Information Security teams can view analyses …

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New in NSS 9.91 SR7

HIGHLIGHTS Usability Polish NSS 9.91 SR7 is a classic service release. Time has been spent strengthening some very specific problems that have been reported from the field, and adding small enhancements that streamline use of the software in specific circumstances. NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software …

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