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Abandoned File Shares

Identify and Remove Abandoned File Shares


There is no benefit for the organization to store data that is never used and is no longer subject to legal retention - there is only cost and risk. When entire file shares are abandoned in this way, only containing obsolete and unnecessary data, they represent quick wins for any organization that can identify and remove them. Northern's software solution (NSS) can be quickly configured to identify these file shares and provide staff with a click-through process to remove them. Very large data footprints can be parsed, across geographical regions, and including multiple platforms (traditional on-premise file storage, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, O365, other cloud platforms, Exchange Online, etc.).

By removing file shares that only contain unused files, the organization will:

  • Improve information and infrastructure security
  • Reduce exposure to regulatory risk
  • Reduce risks associated with holding data belonging to divested business operations
  • Improve compliance with internal directives
  • Reduce costs and improve resource usage efficiency
  • Reduce complexity of migration and transformation initiatives

Northern is currently providing some of the world's leading organizations with this type of solution, and enabling them to realize these values.

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