Open a Support Case


Open a Support Case


Please complete the form below in order to open a Support case. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible, in order to aid the resolution of your case.

If you’ve already opened a case with the support team, and you wish to provide additional information to that case, please await an initial response from the support team and then provide your additional information in the resulting email thread or phone call.

Support service only available with valid Maintenance and Support Agreements.

    Your Serial Number can be found in the License Certificate you received after purchasing NSS, and/or the Licensing pages of the software itself.

    Operating System(s) of Affected NSS Server(s)
    Windows Server 2022Windows Server 2019Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2012Windows Server 2008 R2 or earlier

    Key Resources of Affected NSS Server(s)

    Enter details for each NSS server affected.

       Server 2:    Server 3:    Server 4:

       Server 2:    Server 3:    Server 4:

    Target Platform(s) Involved *
    NetApp 7-ModeNetApp CDOTNetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAPAzure NetApp FilesAzure File StorageWindows ServerWindows ClusterWindows desktop, laptop, VDI, etc.Dell EMC IsilonDell EMC UnityDell EMC VNXHitachi Vantara HNASHuawei OceanStor PacificSharePoint On-premiseSharePoint OnlineM365/OneDrive for BusinessOther

    The operating system version running on the device(s) NSS is configured to manage, i.e. Data ONTAP 9.5, OE For File 4.5.1, OneFS 8.2.0 , Windows Server 2019, etc.

    Maximum 70 characters.

    Please provide as much detail as possible, time spent here can significantly shorten the time-to-resolution for your case

    At this stage in your case processing, Northern recommends that you edit your images to hide any information you consider sensitive . Maximum of 4 files. Total size cannot exceed 2MB. Only png, jpg, jpeg, and bmp can be accepted.

    Your case can only be processed if your email is correctly spelled.

    Including country code

    Preferred Method of Contact

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    To determine your time-zone.Please enter as City - Country or similar.

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