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Import a Word List

Word Lists are collections of related words and phrases that are used in text-mining analyses. You can use word lists to find words and phrases in file content, file names, folder names, etc. For example, you can create a list of special words/phrases that are found in your organization’s standard employment contracts, then use this …

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Import Quotas

NSS comes with a command line tool that can import your quota settings from a CSV file that you have previously exported from the How to Export Quotas guide. This article  explains how to do this import. BEFORE YOU BEGIN Log in to the NSS Server you want to import the quotas to using an …

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Registering the QSComApi DLL

All Quota Server command-line tools and scripted integrations require that the QSComApi.dll is registered. This is done automatically when you install the NSS package, but you have to manually register the DLL-file if you want to use the QSComApi on another client or server. If the ComApi is not registered the errors ‘Class not registered’ …

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