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Definition of a Data Contributor

Subscriptions for NSS are licensed according to the capabilities of the software that you use (Solution Areas) and the number of active directory accounts that contribute data to the environment being managed with those capabilities; Data Contributors. Data Contributors are defined as unique file/folder owners that fulfil the following two criteria: 1. They own files/folders …

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Solution Areas

Recognizing that not all customer situations are alike, Northern divides the core capabilities of NSS into “Solution Areas” and subscriptions to these Solution Areas can be purchased separately. This enables customers to subscribe only to the areas necessary for them to meet their goals. NSS’ five Solution Areas are defined by the needs that they …

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Technical Introduction to NSS

This article provides a very high level technical introduction to NSS. The information should serve as a useful background when reading other articles about the software and when considering how it should be deployed within your environment. Licensing Northern uses a subscription model, where the scope of a license to use the software is determined …

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Activate Your NSS License

Activating your NSS License is the second step in licensing an NSS Server. This article explains how to use your License key to activate an NSS License on an NSS Server. For an overview of the licensing process and terminology explanations, please refer to NSS Licensing – Order of Operations. BEFORE YOU BEGIN You must …

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Register Your NSS License

Before you can activate your NSS License you must first register your server and send the generated reference code to Northern’s Registry service. If you have already received a license key from Northern, go directly to the article on how to activate an NSS License. For an overview of the licensing process, as well as …

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