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Webinar on Demand: Taking Action on Non-Compliant Files


Webinar on Demand: Taking Action on Non-Compliant Files

In this Webinar on Demand, Lee Taylor (VP of Field Engineering) explains how the capabilities of Northern’s software are used to identify and safely remove non-compliant files from crowded and chaotic file systems.

One of Northern’s customers used this approach to remove 44% of their original data footprint, with all of the cost and risk reduction value this dramatic clean-up brings. (Read the full case study for that example here.)

Topics covered in this Webinar on Demand include:

  • How files that do not comply with terms of use are identified and listed by Northern’s software
  • How the software’s Quarantine capabilities are used to move very large numbers of files to a segregated location
  • The Restore capability and how it enables a central team to take this type of action
  • The Breadcrumb feature and how it is used to engage users in restoring files on request
  • Some sample project materials including Cost Benefit Analysis and Risk Analysis are shared
  • Customer examples are included

Total Length = 25 minutes

If you have any questions after watching the webinar, please leave a comment below or contact Northern directly.

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