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NSS utilizes the following third party libraries:

jQuery (see MIT License)

Entity Framework (see Entity Framework 6 Runtime License)

Microsoft Common Service Locator (see MS Public License )

jQuery UI (see MIT License)

jQuery Validation (see MIT License)

json.NET (see MIT License)

KendoUIWeb (see Kendo Commercial License)

MS .NET Framework 4 HTTP Client (see MS MVC 4 License)

MS ASP.NET MVC 5 (see MS MVC 4 License)

Quartz (see Apache License)

AutoMapper (see AutoMapper License)

Common.Logging (see Apache License v2.0)

NLog (see NLog License)

NLog.Web (see License)

Westwind.RazorHosting (see MIT License)

Dapper (see Apache License v2.0)

Elmah (see Apache License v2.0)

Wix (see MS Reciprocal License)

Noty (see MIT License)

i18next (see MIT License)

AngularJS (see MIT License)

Angular UI Router (see MIT License)

Glimpse (see Apache License v2.0)

TypeScript (see Apache License v2.0)

FontAwesome (see Fontawesome License)

Modernizr (see MIT License)

WebGrease (see Apache License v2.0)

TypeLite (see MIT License)

FluentMigrator (see Apache License v2.0)

DefinitelyTyped (see MIT License)

ANTLR (see ANTLR 4 License)

Moment (see MIT License)

DateRangePicker (see Apache License v2.0)

Bootstrap (see Apache License v2.0)

MVVM Light (see MIT License)

Redis (see Three Clause BSD License)

SignalR (see Apache 2.0)

Boost C++ (see Boost Software License 1.0)

Crypto++ (see Boost Software License 1.0)

eXpat (see MIT License)

StackExchange Redis Client (see MIT License)

UI Router Extras (see MIT License)

Angular Local Storage (see MIT License)

es5-shim (see MIT License)

DocumentFormat.OpenXml (see Apache License v2.0)

jQuery Cookie (see MIT License)

jQuery.UI.Combined (see MIT License)

Microsoft AspNet.Razor (see MICROSOFT ASP.NET WEB PAGES 2)

Microsoft AspNet.SignalR.Client (see MS .NET LIBRARY)

Microsoft AspNet.Web.Optimization (see MS ASP.NET WEB OPTIMIZATION FRAMEWORK)

Microsoft AspNet.WebApi (see MS ASP.NET MVC 4)

Microsoft AspNet.WebPages (see MS ASP.NET WEB PAGES 2)

Microsoft Web.Infrastructure (see MS ASP.NET MVC 3 TOOLS UPDATE)

Microsoft jQuery.Unobtrusive.Ajax (see MS Software License )

Microsoft jQuery.Unobtrusive.Validation (see MS Software License )

Unity (see Apache License v2.0)

Unity.Mvc (see Apache License v2.0)

Unity.Abstractions (see Apache License v2.0)

Unity.Container (see Apache License v2.0)

ng-i18next (see MIT License)

oclazyload (see MIT License)

CodeMirror (see MIT License)

Aho-Corasick Implementation (C++) (see MIT License)

A tiny JSON library for C++11 (see MIT License)

Newtonsoft.Json (see MIT License)

System.Collections.Immutable (see MIT License)

WebActivatorEx (see Apache License v2.0)

PScribo (see MIT License)

DocTreeGenerator (see MIT License)

Vanara (see MIT License)

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