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Northern: 大規模なデータ移行プロジェクトを8ヶ月短縮 – 33% 削減

[February 16, 2023] ファイルデータとその所有者を把握することで、より詳細な移行計画を立て、時間もコストも節約し、より良いエンドユーザーエクスペリエンスを提供することができます。

11 dark secrets of data management

[January 5, 2023] Some call data the new oil. Others call it the new gold. […]there’s no doubt that organizing and analyzing data is a vital endeavor for any enterprise looking to deliver on the promise of data-driven decision-making.


[December 6, 2022] ファイルデータの増加率は61%に達し、クラウドストレージの価格は固定顧客のために高騰し、データ侵害の平均コストは435万ドルに達しています。

7 compliance mistakes to avoid

[September 19, 2022] Foundational systems of record and digitally enabled workflows are key to GRC initiatives relating to data.

Another US state to introduce tougher data privacy legislation, and federal legislation is getting closer

[June 22, 2022] Connecticut has become the fifth state implementing tougher data privacy legislation. There’s now also broad support for federal privacy legislation (ADPPA), similar to GDPR in the EU.

Microsoft Information Protection Labels

[Feb 23, 2022] Many of Northern’s customers include MIP (or MSIP) in their information protection strategies – looking to the solution to help strengthen the perimeter and avoid exfiltration of confidential information. NSS is now able to include these labels in its meta-data, content, and permissions analyses for Microsoft Office files.

Report: By 2025 carbon emissions of cloud services will be main factor in purchasing

[Feb 9, 2022] Managing the unstructured data of an organization is, besides risk mitigation and cost reduction, also about reducing carbon emissions and a green transformation of IT.

Use NSS to defend against ransomware

[Jan 26, 2022] “Northern’s solution has definitely prevented us from being on the from page of The New York Times.” An American customer on using NSS as one layer of their protection against ransomware.

Hackers make some Vestas’ data public after ransomware attack

[Dec 21, 2021] Every day we read about organizations facing sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands. Most organizations are unaware where their sensitive files are stored – even worse, they don’t know what should be categorized as sensitive, or how to make such a categorization.

Global Company uses Northern to Identify and Remedy Major Security Flaw

[Dec 9, 2021] Read how a customer, within days of installing and configuring Northern’s software, was able to identify and remove a major security flaw; excessive use of built-in security groups had left a gaping backdoor to a large part of the file system.


[Nov 22, 2021]



参考URL:8 things CISOs should be thinking about, but probably aren’t


[Nov 17, 2021]




[August 10, 2021]




Data Governance on Azure NetApp Files

[June 22, 2021] Most organizations will keep their file data in the cloud and on-prem in parallel for the foreseeable future. A data management solution should cut across all data repositories, enabling that information policies are enforced uniformly.

Together with a long-standing UK customer looking to adopt Azure NetApp Files (ANF) as a cloud solution, Northern has made sure the Northern Software Solution, NSS, works seamlessly on ANF to provide information for the governance team and allow them to support end-users with correct actionable information.

Mass-quarantine enables customer to lock-down nearly half of their data

[May 11, 2021] Improve regulatory compliance through data classification and quarantine. Read how Northern’s software enabled an investment bank to significantly reduce their risk posture.

Why Policies Matter

[April 21, 2021] Policies are crucial to managing governance, risk, and compliance in a consistent way. Northern’s software-based solutions can provide the user with the tools to be able to understand, and act, on the policies. The solution also gives the organization the ability to continuously evaluate how well the policies are working. Without those elements, the policies can’t be truly effective.

Interrupt and Track Ransomware Attacks

[April 12, 2021] Ransomware was the most common cyber attack method in 2020*. Northern can add an extra layer to your ransomware protection by preventing suspected file types from being saved, alerting when these policies are tripped, and logging statistics on attempted attacks.

Identify and Remove E-mail Archives at an American Financial Services Company

[March 31, 2021] Is your organization planning a move to the cloud? Northern can help you clean up data to reduce both cost and risk. It’s a proven solution that can be applied quickly, allowing you to track the process and measure its success.


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