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One of Northern’s largest customers, a multinational company with tens of thousands of employees, is currently migrating a large portion of its file data from a NAS in a central data center and some 80 global file servers to a new cloud-based file storage platform.

This customer is estimating that thanks to Northern’s solution, they can complete this migration in 12 calendar months instead of 18 to 20 months. Besides a 30-40% reduction in time, the migration will be done at a lower cost and with lower risk, thanks to Northern.

The migration team at the customer, which has done two similar migrations at this organization in the past, lists the following as the most important reasons for Northern’s impact:

  1. Northern has helped reduce the number of files and amount of data to be migrated. The highlights of which has been:
    1. Targeted cleanup of certain data categories, where Northern identified data categories, provided support for the decision making via written Action Proposals as well as quarantined/deleted files in a two-step process.
      This has removed over a hundred million files in a safe and efficient process, keeping risk of business impact at a minimum.
    2. The targeted data categories include:
      1. Legacy group shares
      2. Abandoned home shares
      3. Mail archive files
      4. Virtual machine resource files
  2. By analyzing file system permissions, it has been ensured that migration accounts have the access they need ahead of starting the migration, avoiding costly interrupts during the few weekends when migration can and will be done.
  3. Analyses of file share activity provides valuable input for migration planning – active shares being handled differently to inactive shares.
  4. Being able to establish ownership is critical in order to prepare data users for migration and to avoid negative business impact. Having this information readily available in Northern’s software is a tremendous help.

During the migration, Northern will enable the organization to monitor the progress and quickly identify any issues. Once the migration has been completed, Northern’s solution will allow for continuous follow up on file service use, helping to minimize risks and costs across all of this organization’s file storage platforms.

Read more about the standard package implemented to help our customers support their migration.

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