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Northern delivers a software-based solution that enables the organization to monitor, guide and enforce the compliant and efficient use of file services.

Northern works collaboratively with its customers to resolve prioritized business problems; sequentially targeting the broken processes that expose the organization to risk, inefficiency, etc.

This sequential approach is supported by the way in which Northern’s software, the core of any Northern solution, is purchased.

Northern delivers integrated and process-based solutions through the use of a (in-house developed and standardized) software solution and architecture/deployment/integration services.

The core software “NSS” is divided into five solution areas. Each solution area is defined by the needs it is designed to fulfill. This enables customers to focus investments in Northern software, just as they focus efforts on prioritised business problems.


Each solution area is delivered as a subset of the capabilities available in Northern’s core software product “NSS” and a fixed number of professional services hours that are used to configure the software in an appropriate way for the specific customer environment and needs.

Solution Areas

The capabilities of the core software are divided into five solution areas, encouraging customers to take a sequential approach to user data management:

Data Stewardship Framework
Establish and maintain a clear picture of data ownership within the organization.
Centralized File Service Management
Gain full visibility on patterns of file service use and implement strict policies to control that use.
Self-Service Data Management
Provide self-service access to the information and workflows necessary to pro-actively manage data.
Information Governance and Compliance
The information and tools necessary to facilitate and monitor adherence to compliance frameworks.
File Service Cost Distribution
An automated and integrated method of calculating and billing for file service use.
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