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SolutionAreas_DSFTransparency in data responsibility is a fundamental requirement in ensuring data consistency, data quality and in establishing defined roles for pro-active data management.

The Data Stewardship Framework provides the ability to establish and maintain a clear picture of data ownership within the organization; associating file service content with projects, departments, organizational and/or business units.

Needs Fulfilled

Understand which business area, department or functional team is responsible for which data.
Establish and maintain a hierarchical structure of Data Stewards.
Lay the foundation for passing responsibility for data management to Data Stewards.

Unique Features

The following features are only available in the Data Stewardship Framework solution area:

Path Labels and SmartColumns
The ability to label data repositories using integration with Active Directory or other external libraries, string manipulation and Regular Expression.
Integration with HR and Identity Management workflow systems
The possibility to integrate NSS with the customer’s HR or Identity Management workflow systems, ensuring the solution’s ability to track staffing changes and maintain a hierarchy of data ownership.

Feature Sample

Use file ownership (SID) data in conjunction with Active Directory integration, to establish data ownership.
Use file system structure and folder names in conjunction with Active Directory integration to establish data ownership.
Integrate with third party audting, ITSM or HR solutions to establish data ownership.
Query external files, manually prepared or exported from third party solutions, to establish data ownership.
Configure multiple layers of ownership: individual Data Stewards, the Project, Department or Organizational Unit that the Data Steward belongs to, as well as geographical location, office or data center.
Regularly refresh data ownership records according to configured rules.
Provide summary dashboards to a small group of relevant stakeholders that show distribution of data by owner.
Use the Data Stewardship Framework as an enabler to configure other solution areas.

Note: The Data Stewardship Framework is primarily a method of enabling the use of additional Solution Areas. In many customer situations it should be considered as a pre-requisite to the use of additional solution areas.

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