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Collect data about current footprint

Scanning data in place (on-prem NAS, SharePoint, Exchange Online, OneDrive, etc.).


  • Share/Mailbox/Site enumeration
  • Scanning at single or multiple levels

Data Categorization

  • Meta-data
  • Extended meta-data
  • Duplication (binary-level)
  • Hidden streams
  • True file-type (binary-level)
  • Permissions configuration
  • Content analysis (text-mining)
    • String and pattern matching
    • Wordlists and Standard Patterns
    • Proximity of multiple matches


  • Analysis
  • Permissions analyses
  • File Owner (SID) analyses
  • Queries to Active Directory
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Combinations/hybrid strategies

Present analysis of the ongoing situation

Challenges and opportunities identified.

Display Supporting Analysis

  • Summary-level and file lists
  • Aggregations without re-scanning
  • Drill-down interface
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Integrate data (REST, Excel Data Source)

Self-service Interface

  • Authenticate with Domain Account
  • Roles for different groups and needs
  • Dashboards tuned to roles
  • Full audit log for usage

Take Action on analyses

Remediate the current situation, implement workflows to avoid return.

Execute File Actions

  • Manage files that meet criteria
    • Delete, Quarantine, Workflow
  • Tag File system permissions enforced
  • Full audit trail

Delegate and Enable

  • Services for stakeholder groups
  • Services for data owners
  • Highlight policy infringement to direct actions

Implement Controls

  • Hard/soft limits on file share size
  • Policies for file types that can be saved

Incremental and Iterative

  • Act on primary challenges first
  • Achieve results and progress

Measure success and effects of the actions taken

Compare against past and target state, show change achieved, measure value realized.

High-level Metrics

  • Establish KPIs and KRIs
  • View change over time

Remain Vigilant

  • Use KPIs and KRIs as Controls
  • Trigger action when Controls are broken

Give Executives Access

  • Communicate progress to sponsors
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