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Recently ransomware and malware have become an increasing problem for many organisations. If you are a Northern customer, you already have a solution in place that could assist in getting a better handle on this problem.

“Northern’s solution has definitely prevented us from being on the from page of The New York Times.”

   An American customer on using NSS as one layer of their protection against ransomware

Using Northern’s solution you can:

  • Prevent file types related to ransomware and malware from being saved
  • Notify the security team when these file types have been attempted to be saved, and
  • Scan the environment to find files already there, allowing for them to be easily removed

Although not strictly a security solution, Northern has assisted a number of companies to strengthen their defence against Ransomware. Most recently Northern assisted a large engineering company to put real-time monitoring policies in place to block the saving of files with known ransomware file extensions (.locky, .crypt1, .zepto, etc.) – preventing infection. Additionally, notifications were configured to inform of any on-going infection attempts; allowing administrators to immediately identify when, where and through which accounts attempts to encrypt were being made.

While this does in no takes away the need for security solutions, such as anti-virus software, Northern’s solution can add an extra layer to your ransomware and malware prevention.

Read more about how you can use NSS to interrupt and track ransomware attacks, or contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs.


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